Ace Bail Bonding Company Location One Block from New Wake County Detention Center

When Wake County moved its Detention Center in May 2013, Ace Bail Bonding was not far behind. Wake County made the move to the new, larger facility in order to accommodate a growing population and to integrate new technology into its processes, among other reasons. For our customers, it is important that our bail bonding services are convenient, as well as fast and confidential.

Our new location is approximately one block from the new Wake County Detention Center. We are located at 3305 Durham Drive, Suite 101 in Raleigh, NC. This proximity to the jail allows clients to find us easily in their time of need, be close to where you need to be to complete the Wake County bail bonding process and to have close access to an inmate. Ace Bail Bonding is committed to providing exceptional customer service throughout the Wake County bail bond process. Our new location was made to keep our customers in mind, so that we continue our commitment to fast, simple and confidential bail bonds. As always, bond applications can be arranged by fax, phone and internet and several of our forms are available on our website.

Posted on September 18, 2013 in Blog

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