Bond Conditions & Violations

So you or a loved one was arrested and taken to jail. You’ve contacted ACE Bail Bonding and secured a bail bond. Before the defendant is released, they must agree to certain conditions. These conditions can vary depending on the offense. Some typical conditions are:
1- Stay away
The defendant must have no contact with the alleged victim or any of the witnesses.
2- Follow the Rules
There should be no further violations of the law.
3- Be Sober
If the violation of the law involved drug or alcohol, many times complete sobriety is required.
4- Take the Test
Depending on the charge, the defendant may be required to take alcohol or drug assessments.
5- Don’t Move
Driving restrictions may be placed on the defendant.
6- Check In
Defendant must report daily or weekly to an official, such as a probation officer.
There are many other potential conditions that a defendant could face as he/she is released on bond, as judges have a lot of freedom in assigning conditions.Always understand all of the conditions of the bail. Violating these conditions can have serious implications. It is likely that the bail bond will be revoked, and the defendant may also face additional charges. Without bond, the defendant will sit in jail for weeks or months while waiting for the trial date.
If you have any questions regarding the conditions of your bond, as the experts at ACE Bail Bonding. Give us a call 919-337-2862!

Posted on September 28, 2015 in Blog

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