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Arrest for Drug Possession in Raleigh, North Carolina

Drug possession is a fairly common charge in North Carolina. However, our court system takes drug-related criminal charges very seriously. It’s a hard situation in which to find yourself or your loved one. It is helpful to have some information about drug possession charges and the arrest and booking process if this is a situation…

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Can I Get Bail for a DUI/DWI in North Carolina?

If you or someone you love is arrested and charged with a DUI (Driving Under the Influence), the first thing you’ll want to do is get out of jail. Is bail usually allowed for someone charged with DUI in North Carolina? The short answer is: usually. In many cases bail is allowed but in some…

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So You’ve Been Arrested… Tips for a Successful Release

If the day ever comes (or has already arrived) that you are arrested, there are some things to do and know that may help you be released sooner. There is no guarantee that you will be released in the near future, but there are some things you can do to help yourself. You will be…

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Why NOT to Skip Bail

The term “skipping bail” means not showing up for your court date after you’ve been arrested, charged, and released on bail. In the eyes of the law, there is no acceptable excuse for missing your appointed court date and time. The judge will not find reasons such as transportation problems, illness, work, other appointments, or…

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“Why is Bail Sometimes Denied?”

In the vast majority of arrests that occur in North Carolina, a bail rate is offered and the defendant has the opportunity to be released pending trial. Sometimes, though, bail is denied by a judge. Why does this happen? Can anything be done to reverse a denial of bail? The definition of a bail bond…

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Bond Conditions & Violations

So you or a loved one was arrested and taken to jail. You’ve contacted ACE Bail Bonding and secured a bail bond. Before the defendant is released, they must agree to certain conditions. These conditions can vary depending on the offense. Some typical conditions are: 1- Stay away The defendant must have no contact with the alleged…

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Our New Website has just launched!

Welcome to the newly redesigned & responsive website for Ace Bail Bonding! We are very excited about the new features that will make it much simpler for our customers to navigate the site and communicate with us, regardless of the device the visitor may be using. Our new site was designed and built by Morris…

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