So You’ve Been Arrested… Tips for a Successful Release

If the day ever comes (or has already arrived) that you are arrested, there are some things to do and know that may help you be released sooner. There is no guarantee that you will be released in the near future, but there are some things you can do to help yourself.

You will be permitted to use a phone at some point. Remember that all calls are not private and probably recorded. One of your very first calls needs to be to a licensed, insured Bail Bondsman in your area. In Wake County, call Ace Bail Bonding at 919-337-2862 . We are located one block from the Wake County Detention Center. We know the process and have a great reputation among the staff at the jail. Don’t trust this critical process to an amateur, hire an expert.

It’s extremely helpful to have memorized the phone numbers of a few local friends or family members who may assist in securing your bail bond. When you are arrested and booked, you will no longer have access to your cell phone or other personal belongings, so knowing a few phone numbers is critical to speeding up the process.

Cooperate fully with your arresting officer, the jail staff, and guards. A respectful, cooperative attitude could be very helpful in getting you out of jail faster. We wish we didn’t have to make this point, but you’d be surprised how often those arrested “mouth-off” and behave badly during the arrest and booking process. If you choose to make life harder for the police and jail staff, they may not feel motivated to speed up your release.

Remember your right to remain silent. Whether you are innocent or guilty, doing a lot of talking behind bars is a bad idea. Wait to speak to a lawyer who will represent you.

Lastly, you may see a magistrate behind bars. A magistrate is a judicial officer who has the authority to issue arrest warrants and set bail. If bail is set, the magistrate has the authority to decide the conditions of your release. The only advice we can give you for when you see the magistrate is to act and speak respectfully.

Do you have other questions about the bail bonds process? Our licensed bail bonds professionals are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call Ace Bail Bonds at 919-337-2862 . We are here to help you.

Posted on December 3, 2015 in Blog

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